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Meg Philip - An Author of Erotica - Reading Slam - DDay

Reading Slam - DDay

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I appreciate the opportunity to interact with my fans and any audience Reading-Slam250who takes an interest in my work, so when I was approached by KD Grace to take part in this reading slam for such a worthy cause, the Sexual Advice Association, how could I say no?

The Sexual Advice Association, offer sympathetic advice and help to those suffering from all kinds of sexual dysfunction.

As always my nerves got the better of me leading up to the event and I even thought about pulling out; it didn't help that my regular groupies were unable to make it this time.  But then I thought about the charity this event is supporting, I thought about the lovely hosts and the fantastic Sh! store and well... I knew I just had to grip it up and do what I had to do.

I agonised over what piece to read that would keep me within the five minute limit; the threat of being spanked if I ran over only added to my nerves.  D-Day arrived and I managed to settle my nerves ever so slightly by having dinner with my favourite Web Designer Justin (finkunlimited) before heading over to Sh! Portobello but as we stood outside, the nerves came back in a flash.

'I need a quick drink' I said heading towards the nearest watering hole.

Drink in one hand, web designer in the other I strode into Sh! with more confidence than I really had.  I kissed and hugged (but stopped myself from groping) all the lovely people there for the event and gratefully accepted a glass of pink bubbly from the delectable Ray.

I sat at the back in the naughty row with The Dragon Kings Daughter, Justin and Maxine (she's so naughty), and giggled whilst waiting for the show to start.

KD and the lovely Sarah Berry hosted the event, they were absolutely fantastic hosts and they worked really well together.

One by one the talented and very sexy ladies took to the floor and gave us lots of thong soaking aural pleasure, with their filth.  Throughout the performances though the lovely Kay Jaybee would rise from her seat and wave the paddle to alert the reader they had a minute left.

Oh man, this definitely didn't help my nerves.

More lovelies strutted their stuff after the break, followed by an unexpected almost full monty from the gorgeous and very edible Ernesto; there is something about a Spanish accent that drives me crazy!

Before long it was my turn; as KD read out my bio by way of an intro I breathed deeply, turned to my WD for support and took to the stage.  I swallowed (air that is), introduced the piece and did my thing.  I got to the second page when the lovely Kay Jaybee stood up...

Oh man how can I be running out of time already? Oh well let's have it then I thought as I offered my arse to receive its punishment.

I carried on reading and then she stood up again.  Really? I'm just getting started I pleaded.  Once again I offered my arse to be punished and was allowed to finish my story.  I skipped bits out to shorten it and got another spanking at the end...

Mmm I could get used to this.

The lovely KD then closed the show with a piece from her new book Body Temperature and Rising and OMG talk about hot!

The Reading Slam was a fantastic event to raise money for a worthy cause and made such a pleasant start to the weekend.  It was also really great to meet so many of the lovely ladies I follow on twitter; faces to tweets and all that!

The cast of filthiness included Kay Jaybee, Lexie Bay, Lucy Felthouse, The Dragon King's Daughter, Liz Coldwell, Annie Player, Sarah Berry, Janine Ashbless, Ernesto Sarezale, Lynn Mann, KD Grace and of course yours truly.

Thank you KD for inviting me, thanks to both you and Sarah too for being such fabulous hosts; thank you Kay Jaybee for such pleasurable spanking (yes I took it for the team) and, thank you to all the sexy ladies for making and keeping me wet all evening; every Friday night should be like that.

Meg xx

PS – to read the story in full please register with my website, go to the Teaser's page and there you'll find At The Club amongst some other filth.



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