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Just thought I’d share a little bit about me and my musings….

My dream to actually write ‘a book’ was realised when I got a random idea during a training session and quickly penned the outline for my first novel Love By Text (LBT); it started off as “chick-lit” with a hint of sex. 

The idea for Just Being Friendly (JBF) came about after a conversation with a colleague and developed way beyond my expectations.  There was no “chick-lit” with a hint of sex here, just full on sex!

I’m inspired by the places I visit, the people I meet and the conversations I accidentally over hear.  I see something, get an idea and will pen the outline of a story or chapter.  Please don’t stop talking when you see me coming I promise I won’t write about you… honest!  

I’ve also written bespoke pieces on request for friends wishing to seduce their lovers.

Do keep an eye on my site for book readings/signings and sneak previews.  Click on the FB, Twitter or Google buttons or you could drop me a line with your comments and requests.

Happy reading and thanks for checking out my site.

Meg xx

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